Nominated: Two Social Health Awards!

In case you missed the announcements on my Facebook feed…

Proud to announce I have been nominated for both the Healthcare Collabortator and Revolutionary Researcher Social Health Awards by the Social Health Network!

Let me just say, as someone who works in an isolating profession, who further isolates because of chronic illness conditions (even when there isn’t a pandemic), it feels great to be noticed. I work hard and care about the quality of my work, so being recognized is rare and sustaining feedback.

From the nominations:


The category aims to celebrate the patients and caregivers who refuse to let medical jargon and data slow them down! The winner of this category stays up-to-date on the latest research, treatments, and clinical trials. This patient leader has a knack for transforming complex information into layman terms for the greater community to act on.

Whoever nominated me wrote this:

“It is without a doubt that Tamara is deserving of the “Revolutionary Researcher” nomination. Her wealth of knowledge across not only the sleep communities but also with comorbidities provides a valuable voice and depth of understand unlike any other. With articles ranging from long hauler insights, to sleep tech credentials, she’s the best!”


The Healthcare Collaborator category is for the advocates bridging the gaps between industry stakeholders and healthcare consumers. Whether speaking at conferences, consulting with healthcare companies, or using their experience to help make change in the healthcare industry, these patient leaders are impacting the healthcare landscape at large.

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