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Before I forget, I wanted to share about an opportunity I recently enjoyed, sitting in on Nancy Lou Canyon’s Wild Mind writing group online.

I’ve known Nancy for some time through a former writing/submission accountability group I hosted back in the old days (truly, it was like… 15 years ago?). But life takes us in different directions. I now live in the town where she used to live, and she now lives in the town where my daughter used to live. Nancy has a nice range as a writer: you may want to check out her books.

My recent visit to her writing group helped me to access some ideas, words, and images I can definitely put toward Eminent Domain. And it was fun, a guided writing session she holds weekly that’s inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s timed writing practice. I was surprised by the challenges of the exercises and learned I need to work a little bit more on my listening… something no writer can do enough of.

I am definitely going to slide this into my regular writing schedule and suggest you give it a try if you’re looking for something to keep your own writing on track.

While my access is free through The Narrative Project, Nancy’s rates are reasonable and worth every penny. Go check it out!

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