Kingston Public Market: A relaxed reading, out of the sun

Last June I had the great pleasure of reading from Intention Tremor before a live audience at the Kingston Public Market.

I was the very first poet to ever do so and count that as a blessing, as I love this new hometown of mine and am so thrilled to be an active part of the community now (we moved here right before COVID hit).

The reading went well and so we are doing it again!

If you missed it the first time, now’s your chance to hop on the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry and make a sweet day trip this coming Sunday. I suggest walking over, as the market is held right there at the waterfront. Free parking on the other side in Edmonds, and you save yourself money and time by taking a lovely boat commute to the other side.

Or, if you live on the west side of the Sound, it’s an easy trek up the Kitsap peninsula, and there’s plenty of parking down by the marina.

I’ll have copies to sign and remember, 100% of my sales benefit the Accelerated Cure Project.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy our lovely waterfront, stroll around the market, listen to live music, check out tasty bites at the market or go into town for some yummy eats (crepes, Mora ice cream, empanadas, pizza, cottage pie, or tasty pub fare), and explore the shoreline on the northeast side of the ferry dock or the marina just west/southwest.

Pets and kids welcome.

It will be a nice day; if you don’t have any plans, come on over!

WHEN: Next Sunday August 20, 2023 at 11am in the tent

WHERE: Mike Wallace Park, Kingston WA waterfront

COST: Free to attend

I would love to see some familiar faces in the audience… Hope to see you there!

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