Photos and ephemera: AWP 23

I have so many memories from AWP that I decided it was probably best to just collage them here. Check it out!


Clockwise from upper left

  • Suzanne Edison reading at The BeerHall Bookfair
  • The Headmistress Press/MoonPath Press booth, with Julene Weaver (L), Risa Denenberg (C), and Molly Tenenbaum (R)
  • Molly Tenenbaum reading at The BeerHall Bookfair
  • Priscilla Long (L) and Sati Mookherjee (R) at the AWP Bookfair
  • Ronda Piszk Broatch reading at The BeerHall Bookfair


Clockwise from upper left

  • My slapdash poem for Poets for Science
  • Wick Poetry Center, Kent State University, home of the Poets for Science project (2023: “Traveling Stanzas”)
  • Cami Ostman (L) for Wayfaring Writers
  • A wonderful score! Sonya Huber’s book
  • The dashing and talented Michael Schmeltzer for Floating Bridge Press


Clockwise from upper left

  • Just a portion of my haul from the AWP Bookfair, including fiction, poetry, memoir, postcards, stickers, journals, and posters
  • The day after: Too tired to make my own coffee at home but the need for recovery caffeine is R-E-A-L!
  • Look what I found hanging in my Greenlake AirBnB, but a painting that reminds me so much of Field’s End (the Bainbridge Island literary community whose conference I used to organize)… no, it’s not the same logo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same artist!
  • A detail from The Lab at Ada’s Books, where my second reading took place (thanks, Ada’s!)
  • Lots of cool stickers including this one which reminds me of the popping up, this year, of speculative fiction presses all around the AWP Bookfair


Clockwise from upper left

  • Gary Copeland Lilly reading at the BeerHall Bookfair
  • Myself and Beth Thorpe at The RabbitBox for Attack of the Book People
  • The Beyond the Veil Press readers at the BeerHall Bookfair
  • A premiere gathering of panelists to discuss the implications of writing feminist identity in a post-Roe world
  • Perhaps the most entertaining panel I sat on, with LA writers discussing how they write the new American West
  • Myself donning the perfect mask to wear to the feminist panel cited above (completely coincidental!)
  • I had me a Sarah Taylor Experience at The RabbitBox (hey, if you know, you know…) and that there is Coco
  • Dude holding up at sign that reads “Need Agent” (publicity stunt?)
  • The inimitable Maya Jewell Zeller reading at Arundel Books for Another Chicago Magazine


Clockwise from upper left

  • Interior of Optimism Brewing right before the BeerHall Bookfair
  • Exterior of Optimism Brewing on the night of the BeerHall Bookfair
  • My least favorite part of AWP: all the paper products strewn about every open surface. Stahhhhhhp!
  • My fancy new gift mug from my publisher Pioneertown (thanks, Brenna!)
  • Unabomberish look for the last day of AWP: it was rainy and I was tired
  • Opening day at the brand-spankin’-new Seattle Convention Center

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