Check it out: Episode 077 of FUMS with yours truly as the guest!

EXTRA EXTRA TAGI had the incredible pleasure of being a second-time guest on the awesome podcast, FUMS (and yes, the title of the podcast is exactly what it sounds like—

an expletive directed toward our shared illness, multiple sclerosis).

What episode 077 is about

In this episode, host and chronicpreneur Kathy Young guides the questions first with a brief recap of my diagnosis story, then asks me why I write about MS. We talk about this funky virtual book tour I’ve got going, and I read one of my poems (“The Expert”) from my new book, Intention Tremor.

Don’t have my book yet? Hint, hint. If you listen to this episode, you’ll discover a special giveaway there that I offer to those who buy a copy directly from me.

Play your part in a great cause!

Remember, 100 percent of my proceeds from your purchase support the Accelerated Cure Project. About 200 people are diagnosed every week with MS in the US (yes, even during a pandemic); meanwhile, MS research has come to a crashing halt due to COVID-19. When scientists, labs, patients, and staff can return safely to the MS lab, they will need to hit the ground running, and that is what the Accelerated Cure Project is all about.

What are you waiting for? Don’t spend another second on my blog!

Go there now: FUMS 077 – Tamara Sellman: Author of New MS Poetry and Prose Book “Intention Tremor” 

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