Announcing the March Madness for MS Book Selfie Challenge!

A book selfie challenge? Is that a thing?

I have received a few selfies from people who have my new book, Intention Tremor. What a treat! Not only is it gratifying to know my book is out there in the world, but seeing it in the hands of people who are actually reading it makes me feel less invisible in a pandemic.

So here is my proposal: an easy challenge linked to a raffle prize!

UPDATE: The raffle has closed and the winner is Jordan Hartt!

Introducing the March Madness for MS Book Selfie Challenge!

If you have a copy of Intention Tremor, would you do me the honor of sending me a picture of it?

It could be a selfie with you, or your cat, or it could be out on the picnic table where you were reading it, or stuck in a tree, or hanging out on a bookshelf, or on the dashboard of your car next to your mask… be creative and have fun with it!

Taking a shot of your copy of Intention Tremor will be such a gift to me! If you take a picture and send it to me, I’ll do three things with it:

  • I’ll make a collage of these images to share on my blog and in social media
  • I’ll make that same collage into a wallpaper I can put on my laptop so that, everyday, when I open my computer to get to work, I’ll see it! #SmileGuaranteed
  • Gifts are fun, so let me return that favor: Send me your Intention Tremor selfie by midnight Pacific Time on March 31, 2021 and I will enter you into a raffle! The winner will get to pick one of these groovy items from my stash of fun giveaways!
Credit card flash drive
Clothbound journal
Intention Tremor mug


Raffle participants! Send me your IT selfie (digital pictures only, please) by midnight Pacific Time on March 31, 2021 to be entered into the raffle to win one of these prizes! Winner announced at the Rhymes With Camera blog on April 2, 2021

Seriously, I don’t know anyone who isn’t dealing with some pandemic anxiety, anger or sadness, myself included. This little collage will be an enormous emotional lift for me.

Want to join in the fun? You can email me your image at or via Facebook messenger. You may text it to me if you already have my number, as well.

Thanks in advance to everyone to joins in this spirit-lifting collaborative project.


Still need to buy a copy for yourself or for a friend?

Here are several ways you can buy the book.

Remember, 100% of my proceeds from the sale of Intention Tremor benefit the Accelerated Cure Project ( Read my interview with the ACP here.


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