31 Days of MS series raises awareness with literary quotes

Keep your eyes peeled for these graphics during March. They will include snippets of poetry and prose quoted from my new book, Intention Tremor.

March is National MS Awareness Month, and I’m posting these daily graphic “badges” to help spread that awareness. You’ll see these in Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and on this blog. I hope you’ll see these a lot!

[Want to find some? Search #31DaysOfMS starting March 1, 2021 after 9am Pacific. If you find a quote badge, please share it in your social media channels to spread awareness! It would be amazing to see the hashtag go viral!]

My hope is that this effort:

  • Raises awareness and educates people about the realities of living with MS.
  • Inspires advocacy from others who have MS or live or work with someone who has MS.
  • Encourages people to join the Intention Tremor Virtual Book Tour 2021 where they can receive free private links to upcoming readings and other literary events where I am able to share from the book or talk about my journey post-diagnosis.
  • Helps sell more books! Remember, 100% of my author sales benefit The Accelerated Cure Project (www.acceleratedcure.org). Also, the need to support MS research while the pandemic rages has never been more critical. Two hundred people a week in the US are diagnosed with MS even during a pandemic, and they need treatments and solutions to prevent progression and disability.

May I ask a tiny favor?

If you encounter “31 Days of MS” badges in your social media channels (search #31DaysOfMS), can you share or retweet? It’s a tiny act that takes only seconds but it helps put these messages of MS awareness before more eyes, and that could include readers who want or need this book. I am working hard with marketing, but I’m just one person, and my brainspace and energy are limited. I appreciate any help coming from anyone anywhere.



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