Not too late to NaNo with Cascade Writers!


Did you get a late start to NaNoWriMo but want to jump into the stream?

It’s not too late!

First: Get your NaNoWriMo account set up if you haven’t already. They have regional write-ins and groups to help you through the vagaries of writing a novel in a month.

(Check out Seattle’s NaNo Discord here. You may need to get a Discord account first. Click the badge on the right to visit their Facebook if you want another access point.)

Then: Make a plan. This includes finding write-ins to keep you consistently writing.

Are you looking for a variety of times to write with your NaNo buddies? Seattle NaNo is good for this. But you can also join Cascade Writers for various different in-person and virtual write-in opportunities in conjunction with NaNoWriMo.

Here are your options. You can find virtual links and updated information by visiting the Cascade Writers Discord (members only) All virtual links are hosted there. Or, you can show up at the two in-person write-ins listed below.

  • (Sunrise via Gather)
    Join Camden online for a virtual write-in
  • (Daytime via Zoom)
    MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS, 9a to 11a Pacific:
    Join Miriah online for a virtual write-in
  • (Night Owl via Zoom)
    MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS, 6p to 10? 12? Pacific:
    Join Kelli online for a Zoom write-in
  • (Live Write-in, no membership needed)
    SATURDAYS, 9a t0 2p Pacific: Join Clay live at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park
  • (Live Write-in, no membership needed)
    SUNDAYS, starts at 10a Pacific: Join Kelli live at Redwing Cafe in Rainier Beach

Yes, I know you wanna know… I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this  year, as I’m eyeballs deep in learning filmmaking and making poetry films, plus I’m developing, revising, and submitting my shortform work from this summer and early fall. I’d say that’s enough on my plate. 

But I’m still  going to be joining Kelli in the Night Owl zoom on occasion because that is a natural time for me to be writing anyway, as well as attending my fave year-round write-in mentioned below.



Daily Sprints for Writers! Start every day with intentionality For folks in Chicago (or not, it’s virtual, after all), I also recommend the Chicago Writers Circle Daily Springs for Writers at 7am Pacific/9am Central if all you need is a reason to get out of bed and write. It’s just 30 minutes; I’ve gone off and on for a year now. This group has given me a decent jumpstart, and the people are great! Even if you only get in some morning pages to warm up for your NaNo project, it’s worth it.

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