Listen now: Two accidental Thanksgiving poems from Intention Tremor

I’m honored to be the inaugural writer featured in this new series by the producers of the Dan & Jennifer Digmann podcast, A Couple Takes on MS. It has been fun pulling out Intention Tremor and reading poems right into my phone for them to share with whoever will listen.

As I prepared to share this link out in social media this morning, I realized that both of these poems (“Diagnosis” and “The Nth Half-Yearly MRI) are big ol’ thank yous to healthcare providers in my life. Hey, we can never say thank you too many times, can we? And I’m more lucky than most, with a whole slew of medical wizards looking out for me. I remain in remission and am amazed that it has been almost 10 years since that fateful day in 2013.

So hey, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now you know what I’ll be expressing around the holiday table tomorrow.

I hope you have a few moments (less than 8!) to plug in and listen, not just because I’m the featured author, but because this podcast does a world of good for so, so many and they deserve the traffic. Oh, and also, I think you’ll like the poems!

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