Free recipes from my kitchen garden!

What I made from the garden on Halloween: L: Spicy garlicky pickled peppers; C: Spicy Indian pickled eggplant; R: Three chilis verde salsa.

Did you know that I publish an original recipe with every one of my newsletters?

Once upon a time, I was a cookbook editor and food journalist and blogger. I now spend most of my foodie energy on growing food in my kitchen garden… and that means “putting it by,” as my grandmother used to say.

Pickles, roasts, sauces, chutneys, and preserves are just some of the ways I prepare my harvests. This year’s “crops” (I only have four elevated raised beds but it feels like I have a farm sometimes!) came late but super abundant, so much so that I’m taking a nice haul to the food bank today.

Last summer, I decided that, since several upcoming books of mine (both fiction and poetry) have gardening or farming or kitchen gardens as a theme, I may as well share a recipe from my kitchen/garden with my newsletter readers.

So far I’ve shared recipes for Snow Pea Salad, Warm Broccoli Halloumi Salad, and Instant Pot Pizza Sauce. I can’t believe the wonderful reception this newsletter feature has received, so I’ll continue with it. In November, I have a super easy roasted apple butter that will fill your house with so much goodness.

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