Not today, MS, not today

Last week I didn’t post a regular #MSMonday feature because I was camping at Dosewallips State Park.

What a beautiful, but hot, week (which is the subject of today’s #MSMonday, coming soon).

Here’s what I posted instead: this photo with hashtags: #MSMonday #dowhatyoucan #kayaking #pacificnorthwest #pnw #nottodayMSnottoday

It was such a great time, and though this photo doesn’t capture it, I was at one point surrounded by a couple dozen harbor seals, which was magical and funny and even a little scary.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained… sometimes you just do the things you want to do for this reason, knowing full well your body will pay the price later. Sometimes you just have to “budget” for it!

(Which I did by lounging on the couch when we got home, bingeing Inventing Anna.)

Feeling better today (mostly) but another spate of heat descends upon us later this week. I’m definitely living in an AC world then!

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