A peek under the hood of a work in progress: Inspiration

Readers and writers both like to hear about an author’s or artist’s inspirations.

Here’s something I don’t often share that you might find interesting: I like to keep a few images stashed nearby for inspiration when I’m working on a new manuscript.

Once this book is written and published, it will be interesting to see how many of these images maintain their influence on the final product!

The thumbnails below are fixed in my writing horizon right now
(click through to learn more about them)

Photo: Terraced Rice Farm (Jimmy Tran)


Illustration: Beaver Mechanisation (Tim Andraka)


Image: Deliberation (Mario Sanchez Nevado)


Image: Refugees (Thomas Broadbent)


Image: All in Your Hands (Bogdalena Bah)


Digital image: Forests (HDWallsBox)


Image: Eco-feminism (artist unknown)


Glass sculpture: Honeycomb (MaddGlass)


Image: Beaver (Sara Tyson)


Image: Symbiosis (Summer Rae)


Painting: Ocean-Spray (Juliet Meek)

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