Retreat Success!

Bastyr University pergola, May 2022

The retreat with Cami Ostman’s The Narrative Project could not have occurred on a nicer weekend! I stayed in a (less than fabulous, if I’m being honest) AirBnB and sat in on two great sessions, meeting my cohorts who I’ve seen only within the confines of the Brady-Bunchish geometrics of a Zoom session.

The meetings took place at Bastyr University, and I had the chance to check out their native and medicinal gardens. They were a bit neglected, but that was perfect, as the nursery/farm that my protagonist Cassie inherits is also in need of a little attention.

I came home from the event with a notebook full of ideas and plenty of energy to keep working to finish my novel’s draft.

Bastyr University gardens, May 2022
Bastyr University gardens, May 2022
Bastyr University gardens, 2022

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