Janniversary Day 28 free selection from ‘The Nth Half-Yearly MRI’

Good morning from my writing retreat!

Even without wifi yesterday I was able to get so much on the page. I’m doing a reverse outline and condensing all my notes into a Dumpster file and a Grindstone file. Writing is more than just writing!

I love me a map and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I wrote my book… to guide others through the day-to-day discoveries that a new chronic illness diagnosis can bring.

Maybe my travels in, through, and back out again will help someone else. That is the theory… but it can only happen if they read it, right?

Want to make a difference this year? Buy a copy for yourself, a friend, your doctor’s office, your library, or order a copy from your local bookstore… trust me, this small act will #makeadifference — 100% of my sales profits benefit @acceleratedcure4ms

By doing so, you support the arts, artists, the small press, people with MS, and medical research. More info: www.intentiontremorbook.com

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