Janniversary Day 24: Oh look, Bari Weiss is #DoneWithCOVID…

Honestly, it’s CRAY-CRAY that we even need to have this discussion.

One more time for those in the back: GET VACCINATED AND BOOSTERED, WEAR A MASK, STAY HOME, WASH HANDS AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. This is how we can globally stop COVID-19. Skip any of this and we’re ALL toast.

I wrote my poem, “Quarantine,” for Intention Tremor in —>2016<— before the pandemic, because so many of us are already at risk because of things like the flu, so reliant on the rest of society to practice common sense and neighborly decency. Who knew that my poem would be globally relevant many years later?

[Trigger warning: Anti-vaxxer, anti-masker rant follows] 

Meanwhile, healthy people like journalist Bari Weiss (pictured left) are saying it out loud and tweeting the hashtag #DoneWithCovid because they think that by making this announcement, it will just go away and make their lives easier, better etc.

(And many of these folks posting this hashtag are not vaccinated or compelled to spout misinformation about it.)

To those people, I say, “While I totally understand your impatience, let me remind you that people with cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Lyme, and yes, MS (and countless other chronic illness conditions that leave us exhausted, at risk, and disabled), are sick of their conditions, too… but they’ll never be “done” with them.

Welcome to our world. No magic hashtag is going to fix this, it’s going to take good people making community-wise decisions that will eventually fix this. There can be an end to this, but only if everyone WORKS TOGETHER.

Is COVID-19 fixable? Maybe? Or it was… all those spouting about “freedumb” have made it harder and harder to fix. Now that’s a moral crime, Bari Weiss.

[Trigger warning: This rant won’t end if people continue to refuse to get vaccinated and/or wear masks. #SorryNotSorry]

I wrote my book to guide others through the day-to-day discoveries that a new chronic illness diagnosis can bring.

Maybe my travels in, through, and back out again will help someone else. That is the theory… but it can only happen if they read it, right?

Want to make a difference this year? Buy a copy for yourself, a friend, your doctor’s office, your library, or order a copy from your local bookstore… trust me, this small act will #makeadifference — 100% of my sales profits benefit @acceleratedcure4ms
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