Janniversary Day 18 free selection from ‘Uhthoff’s Phenomena’

Let me tell you, the disruptions to word-finding can be a real bi-otch when your chief role in the working world is ‘writer.’ Not to mention the need to communicate very simple phrases to your family…

I wrote my book to guide others through the day-to-day discoveries that a new chronic illness diagnosis can bring.

Maybe my travels in, through, and back out again with these symptoms will help someone else. That is the theory… but it can only happen if others actually read the book, right?

Want to make a difference this year? Help me get my book out in the world where readers can find it.

It’s really simple: Buy a copy for yourself, a friend, your doctor’s office, your library, or order a copy from your local bookstore… trust me, this small act will #makeadifference — 100% of my sales profits benefit @acceleratedcure4ms , and by doing so, you support the arts, artists, the small press, people with MS, and medical research.

More info: http://www.intentiontremorbook.com

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