Janniversary Day 11 free selection from ‘Ouroboros’

This prose fragment came out of a wonderful workshop led by @mayajewellzeller just as I was freshly grieving the loss of my mother (1/5/15).

Living with a new chronic illness diagnosis forces an unexpected detour into grief as well.

I wrote my book to annotate those checkpoints and waysides–it took me about 3 years to go through all the stages of grief following my diagnosis.

Maybe my travels in, through, and back out again will help someone else. That is the theory… but it can only happen if they read it, right?

Want to make a difference this year? Help me out by putting my book out in the world.

Buying my book makes it easy: by doing so, you support the arts, artists, people with MS, and medical research.

And don’t forget: 100% of my sales profits benefit @acceleratedcure4ms

Want to do this? It’s really simple: Buy a copy for yourself, a friend, your doctor’s office, your library… and #makeadifference


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