Janniversary Day 9 free selection from ‘Kanab’

Chronic illness sucks, no matter what kind you live with.

This selection from my poem, “Kanab,” reflects the common assumption that somehow cancer is the only chronic illness that can consume a life.

My book, INTENTION TREMOR, reflects on these assumptions from the point of view of the chronically ill.

I wrote these records of my #MS journey in poetic and creative prose forms as a way to reach people who are burned out on information.

Buying my book (100% of sales profits go to @acceleratedcure4ms) makes it easy to make a difference in 2022: by doing so, you support the arts, artists, people with MS, and medical research.

Want to do this? It’s really simple: Buy a copy for yourself, a friend, your doctor’s office, your library… and #makeadifference


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