Happy Book Birthday, Intention Tremor!

What is a book birthday?

Authors are sentimental about quite a few things, and that includes the day they receive copies of their first books.

A first book published is as important to an author as a new bride wed, a new baby born, or a new house purchased. It’s a milestone in the life of the author.

Every new book that comes along gets its own birthday, and every year, the author celebrates.

It may be a private affair, or it could be a public one. Either way, the observance is a special one.

After all, think about it… it’s super thrilling to see something that only ever lived in your head and heart taking on tangible form as a book, often one that’s beautiful to look at and substantial to hold.

Intention Tremor’s book birthday is today, November 12

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November 12, 2020

It was on this day in 2020 that I received my first box brimming with copies. I sight for sore eyes during a pretty rough year!

I do not think there is an author that hasn’t felt that anticipation and excitement, peeling open the cardboard flaps and discovering their hard word come to fruition.

These were “advanced copies,” as the book itself was not officially “published” until January 2021.

But these advanced copies were more than just early editions… they represented almost seven years of hard work writing, revising, thinking, processing, and creating—all with a brain that was often unwilling to function on a schedule.

There were many wordfinding issues, organizational black holes, moments of excruciating self-doubt, and problems with being literally unable to read because of neurological inflammation that were (thankfully) fleeting, along the road from writing to publication.

November 12, 2021

I’m proud of this book, even if the pandemic has disrupted so many ways for me to get it into the hands of readers. Live readings are still out of reach.

But I hope, as I crack open a brand-new box of books this week, that I continue to sell copies to whoever needs to read these words, because I will continue to donate 100 percent of my proceeds to the research and patient advocacy efforts of the Accelerated Cure Project.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, read, shared, or helped me promote Intention Tremor, this virtual birthday party tips its glass to you for being part of the journey!

Want to help me celebrate Intention Tremor’s book birthday?

Autographed copies of Intention Tremor usually sell for $20. But for the month of November, the month of its “book birthday,” I’m signing copies for the sales price of $15 (includes free shipping!) That’s 25% off!

If you’re shopping early for the holidays, have a friend who would enjoy this book, or need a little poetry memoir in your life, Intention Tremor makes a great option!

Order through my simple PayPal cart below. [Due to screamin’ high postal rates, this option can only ship to US addresses, sorry.]

Remember, 100% of my sales of Intention Tremor benefit the Accelerated Cure Project!

Offer expires November 30, 2021. Don’t delay!


NOTE: If you have special instructions for me regarding autographed copies (you want me to sign it and send it to a different address than what you have at PayPal, for instance, or you have a special giveaway code), fill out the contact form below.




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