Good News Today (part 2)

I know some of you are curious how my visit went with my neuro today. It’s been two years since I went on a “drug holiday” from Tecfidera, which was giving me some unliveable side effects.

So today, my neuro and I took a peek under the hood (code for MRI) and found NEDA…

What the heck is NEDA????

That’s medical shorthand for No Evidence of Disease Activity. In other words, while I have MS—there’s no cure, in case you’re wondering—my condition is stable even though I’m not currently taking disease-modifying therapies. NEDA means no new progression or disability. Not the same as a cure, but it means I’m not getting any sicker.


We are looking into some other chronic pain-related concerns related to arthritis, but for now, the MS is still in remission, in spite of two very stressful years, in which there was:

  • a contentious election (putting it mildly)
  • a pandemic
  • a house bought and a house sold (before the big boom, alas) with the move to downsize in between it all
  • the loss of both my father and his brother, my uncle
  • a fifteen-month moratorium on hugging my two grown children
  • the forced retirement of my husband
  • the publication of my book (good news, but lots of work and very stressful trying to get it into the hands of readers)

With all that stress, you’d think my brain would be on fire, but thankfully, it’s not!

Many thanks to Dr. Mariko Kita for being the best MS specialist a girl could ask for! I gave her a copy of my book today and she seemed genuinely thrilled for me and interested in reading it. What a great session. I know many struggle to have a good relationship with their neurologists but I really hit the jackpot.

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