Winding down and gearing up

I’m winding down the virtual book tour this month, with just two more events (both free!) you can attend online before I move on to new projects.

Please join me if you have yet to do so, it is always so lovely to see friendly and familiar faces in those little Zoom squares, and these are your last opportunities!


I hope, if you haven’t already, that you’ll buy a copy of Intention TremorIf you want a signed copy, my stash is dwindling, so don’t delay!

Also, I’m gearing up to send a fundraising check to the Accelerated Cure Project by mid-July; it would be great to include your investment in my book as part of that donation.

Progress report

It’s time for me to focus my brainspace on my next book, a short story collection of speculative fiction entitled Trust Fall. It’s about 80 percent done, with three stories to finish and polish before I pursue a new experiment: independent publishing.

Because I write for a living, and because I have spent the last eight months or so giving the rest of my free time over to the promotion of Intention Tremor, I’ve not been able to do any creative writing. Maybe in the old days, being able to generate new work while steeped in other projects was something “doable” for me, but these days, my brain is less acrobatic.

So, in mid-June, I joined this summer’s Clarion West Write-a-thon to kickstart my creative writing life (you can read my progress reports here). I’m definitely rusty in the fiction department, so last week I did myself another huge favor: I attended my first silent writing retreat in 18 months. This time, I spent four nights at an AirBnB in Port Townsend.

(The next retreat happens in September, in an old hotel in SW Washington, and another is in the works for Kauai in January, with a possible long weekend more locally in late fall.)

Listen, COVID-19 seriously wrecked my writing life by stealing these opportunities I’ve generally participated in on a quarterly basis for more than a decade. I count on these compact and intense periods of quietude to dig deep into my creative writing, and the change of scenery from my home office is a necessary part of that magic.

This recent intensive writing-focused trip was meant for me to reclaim processes I haven’t activated in years and to reacquaint myself with my short story brain, which has been far too long kept on the back burner while I focused on Intention Tremor.

Now that I’m back from that trip, I can look back already and reflect on the pleasure of discovering that certain freewriting exercises and word games I’ve relied on in the past still do the job of unlocking words and ideas.

It feels good to write short fiction again, almost like going home after a long absence.

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