Kingston Author’s Book Explores Life with Multiple Sclerosis Through Prose and Poetry

October 4, 2021: By Steven Wyble for Kitsap Scene: “Sellman’s debut book, Intention Tremor: A Hybrid Collection, released by MoonPath Press in January of this year, is an exploration of life with Multiple Sclerosis told through a mix of prose and poetry. She recently donated all the proceeds from the book — $1,000m — to the Accelerated Cure Project, a nonprofit organization focused on accelerating MS research.”

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Bookmonger: ‘Intention Tremor’

April 7, 2021: By Barbara McMichael  (Bookmonger) for Coast Weekend: “She speaks to every single one of us in the poem titled “Quarantine.” As someone who is immunocompromised, she practices the necessity of self-quarantining through flu season every year. This poem was written pre-pandemic but Sellman’s acerbic observations about people who eschew science, citing freedom of choice, will ring true for many more of us now.”

Book Review of “Intention Tremor” by TK Sellman

March 16, 2021: By Kim Dolce for “Tamara Kaye Sellman awake-dreams her life with MS in this hybrid collection, showing us her brain and mind stuff in forms that defy labels. As a writer myself, laying out narratives helps me clarify what I think and feel. As a reader, I gained a richer sense of how I feel my MS by reading how Sellman feels hers.”


March 16, 2021: By Gretchen Gales for “Tamara Kaye Sellman is an author, advocate, and curator of sleep-wellness content. But that just scratches the surface of everything Sellman has accomplished in her life. Her new book Intention Tremor chronicles five years of her experience with multiple sclerosis (MS) with both poetry and nonfiction. Besides releasing a book during a pandemic, Sellman kindly chatted with me about art, advocacy, and everything in between.”

Review: Intention Tremor: A Hybrid Collection

March 12, 2021: By Eileen Zimmerman Nicol for “The lyrical and often humorous pieces in INTENTION TREMOR illustrate the challenges, joys and sorrows of life with an MS diagnosis, allowing the reader to open her heart to another human’s journey. In this time of isolation, that can only be a good thing.”

Intention Tremor: A Visit With Author Tamara Sellman

January 2021:  Accelerated Cure Project/iConquerMS newsletter: “Sellman’s recently published book, Intention Tremor, is a collection of prose and poetry that chronicles her life as she adjusted to her new MS diagnosis. In her words, ‘I often turn to poetry and short prose to wrestle with personal issues… I think that the arts are a major pathway to understanding the human experience of life with chronic illness.’ The title was inspired by her MS symptoms. In her words, ‘I love the play on words and multiple meanings it implies.’ “