Writer’s log

Reading: Magic for Beginners (Kelly Link)
Writing: Revisions of “Eminent Domain” (part of the TRUST FALL collection); added around 1,800 words to overall length.
Workshops: Had plans for 3 workshops and one mastermind, all of which did not come to pass due to wonky connectivity issues at the hotel. Thankfully I have transcripts and recordings to consult later.
Researching: Road trip to Willapa Bay to take photos, observe land structures, details of bridges and estuary structures, etc. Also, more details about beaver pelts, characteristics of fresh-to-saltwater bodies and endangered species.
Goals moving forward: Need to make more passes through (using printouts) for working details, thematics, consistency, pacing, atmosphere, sensory layer, and to cross-compare to my original notes and outline/s. Less concerned about the length now, more concerned about it reading like a full story with strong magical realist overtones.
Real-life for perspective: Small hotel room with no desk, limited lighting, and a shortage of outlets in the shared spaces during a statewide mask mandate means working outside in foggy, cool situations or while fighting off wild bands of mosquitoes. Still managed to average 6-8 hours of work on the days I wasn’t traveling. People in the game room did not like it that I was working on a computer in the one desk space where there happened to be the best lighting. Oh well. First come, first served.