What keeps me busy these days:

  • Regular content provider for SomnoSure’s Education Center page 
  • Curation and webmastery at  
  • The first draft of a how-to consumer aid on sleep hygiene. 
  • A poetry chapbook manuscript focused on my journey with multiple sclerosis
  • Administration of the 12,000-member Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged private forum in Facebook (meaning I’m a hand holder, troll killer, fact checker, referee, spam evicter, light bringer and shield against unwanted pornographic posts, among other things)
  • Revision of personal essays, short stories, flash fictions, poems and experimental work that have been locked away in my laptop since I went back to school for sleep technology in 2012
  • Strategies for facilitating new writing workshops in 2016 (stay tuned!)
  • Pitches for nonfiction articles to paying markets

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