Acceptance updates, if only to make myself feel better…

The dark season is upon us, and I’m feeling it in my brain and my joints. Ugh.

To force a grateful attitude, I’m listing my acceptances/publications since my last update in late July 2019:

  • “Map to New Normal,” Snapdragon (winter 2019/2020)
  • “Suddenly She Can’t Finish Sentences When She Tries to Order Starbucks,” Loud Coffee Press (January 2019)
  • “Please Note: This Sleep Clinic is Fragrance Free,” Burning House (December 2019)

My Duotrope account continues to remind me that I have a much higher rate of acceptances than others submitting to the same markets, so that’s also something good to meditate about.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up to move to a new house in December. Super exciting! But also seriously stressful, trying to sell my current house and waiting until the transition when we can move in just drags. I want to be there now! The waiting, for me, is worse than the packing/unpacking. It’s only 30 minutes from my current location, so it’ll be a slow intentional move, and during that time, a lot of Kondo-like plans will be set into motion.

As a result, my writing and work life are also in a bit of a structural limbo. I’ve been working ahead on some client projects, submitting a lot of creative writing now for December deadlines, including several submissions of my book-length manuscript. Keeping fingers crossed!

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