Welcome to the Olympia Writing Center!

Kahini.org offers writers a new home at the Olympia Writing Center in Olympia, Washington.
Abigail Stuart House Olympia Writing Center Kahini
The Abigail Stuart House is one of two locations hosting classes, activities, and events offered by the Olympia Writing Center.

Today the Olympia Writing Center opens its doors through the guidance of the international writers program, Kahini.

Under the watchful stewardship of literary organizer Jordan Hartt, new workshops will take place in the Abigail Stuart House or at Browsers Bookshop as soon as this coming Monday, August 5, 2019.

Check out the OWC’s Summer Session (August 5 through September 27) for information about classes, activities, events and registrations.

PS If you’re a writer with a disability, impairment, or chronic illness, I’m teaching a Saturday workshop, “On Writing the Illness Narrative,” that you might be interested in. See the information on this class here.

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