Read about Resistance in Snapdragon Journal

Thank you to Snapdragon Journal for accepting and publishing one of the poem’s from my abecedarian chapbook (snip posted below).

It’s so nice to see how the literary community has evolved to allow people with specific health concerns to be heard.

This wasn’t the case 20 years ago, when stories and poems about illness were considered verboten.

Now, because of venues like SJ, we can read beautiful, provocative work about what it means to be chronically ill without fear of judgment.

Check out the March edition of this lovely journal, in which the editors host the theme of Resistance in all its facets in this collection.

My poem, “Racer’s Edge,” can be found on page 16, but I encourage you to read the entire journal… today! You will need to subscribe, but SJ is extremely value priced at $5 for a subscription.

If you can shell out just $5, you make it possible for these journals to continue to share the insights, language, narrative, and beauty of stories about illness and healing.

Some of my favorite contributions to this latest edition includes poems by Angelina Bong, Cynthia Charles, Steve Cushman, Caroline DeLuca, Carolyn Gregory, and Sergio Ortiz and the interview with activist teacher Jaki Shelton Green.

From the website:

We’re super excited to be included in VIDA’s “Women-Run Presses” list! 

Our goal is to spread healing light to the world through art because we believe that art heals. 

“Resistance” is our first issue of our third year! Your words and photographs shed light on the individual and collective courage it takes to resist…in order to heal. These are honest conversations we want to have and are thankful you are a part of that. 

This issue is filled with what has filled our heart and soul, and what hope the same will be true for you and other readers. Here is just a sample of what you will find inside the issue. 

Happy reading and be well,                                                             Jacinta Cyndi

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