Brief boilerplate for your amusement

My writerly friends do tend to ask what work I have out there, and if I’m submitting (hence my usual boilerplate to report on such matters).

Because of my switch to full-time work, I’ve had less time to manage the boilerplate, but here are the most recent stats, compiled between Oct 1 2015 and today, August 6 2015. During this time:

  • I’ve submitted 64 separate pieces (poems, essays, short stories, flash work)
  • 5 have been accepted and published:

    “Spinster” (short story) — Midnight Circus: In the Age of Wonders anthologyMarch 2016
    “Ouroboros” (flash fiction) — Wordgathering, March 2016
    “Uhthoff’s Phenomenon” (poem) — Barking Sycamores, January 2016
    “Enough” (flash nonfiction) — Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2016
    “Immortality” (prose poem reprint) — HIV Here & Now website, November 2015

  • 52 have been rejected
  • 3 were withdrawn
  • 4 are still pending (with stats from Duotrope):

    1 flash fiction (174 days out, 67 days overdue for reply
    1 flash nonfiction (282 days out, 102 days overdue for reply)
    1 prose poem reprint (282 days out)
    1 short story (295 days out, 115 days overdue for reply)

I can’t really say what any of this means, except that we creative writers sure have to wait a long time to hear back for something that doesn’t even pay.

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