Nobody is going to read my SuperBowl Sunday post, but here it is anyway.

I’ll be watching, too, cheering on the Sea-Broncs, because West is Best and I’m not a fan of the Cam.

I’ve been cleaning up my emails and files and general office clutter today, meanwhile. And I realized I hadn’t yet updated my WHAT’S UP page for the month.

So here you go. 

It’s not all football and paper cuts here in Sellmanville, despite the opening to this post.

I’ve been writing like a fiend to advance awareness of sleep health.

I’ve been doing all my usual things as the mom of an amazing teenage superhuman who dances, thinks, laughs, and leads like nobody else I know. I’m not objective, but I can supply independent sources, if you like. That seems to be all the rage these days on the internet, anyway, even from people who don’t quite understand what that actually means.

I’ve been watching town hall meetings.

I’ve been reading fiction and watching the squirrels reclaim their posts on the back deck.

I’ve been cutting over to an old-school time management system and have completely weaned myself off the tyranny that is Google calendar.

I’ve been making clarified butter.

I’ve been watching Making a Murderer.

I’ve been noticing the buds on the trees and under the bushes.

I’ve been giving my keys to Thing #2, now that she is fully licensed, so I am no longer Mom the Chaperone, which deserves a celebration equivalent to Mardi Gras.

I’ve been planning trips for work (Louisville in March).

I’ve been watching this year’s Oscar nominations.

I’ve been thinking about camping this summer, eyeing the new zero-gravity camp chaise I got from Santa this year.

But enough about this. Check out my What’s Up page if you want to know about my writing life. There’s a boatload of that going on as well.


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